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Having a coach is a great way to save time while making you more attractive in the marketplace!

On this page you will find information you can use to familiarize your self with our services. You will better understand what coaching is and what you can expect from your sessions.

Work with our highly trained professional coaches to set and meet your goals with less time, less money and less stress.

Learn more about the Academy of Coaching Cognition and how you can become a trained professional coach adding to your value in the marketplace and at home.

At Coaching Cognition we offer both consulting and coaching services, so we'll start with a brief explanation of the two.

What is Consulting?

Consulting concerns itself with the "how to" part of things. For example, a consultant would teach you how to open an account to set up a blog, how to choose a layout and a design, what features are available and how they work, how to add photos and how to upload articles. The consultant's job is to teach you the fastest and most effective way to accomplish these tasks. There are usually a limited number of choices involved – the same sequence of steps have to occur in pretty much the same way for everyone.

The consultant is considered the expert on the particular topic being covered – how to use a software program, how to use special effects in your videos, how to create a lead capture page.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is an action oriented support service designed to get you from where you are to where you want to be. The coach is trained to help you, the client, through:

  • Creating a safe space to explore the possibilities
  • Observing and listening and then offering feedback and perspective
  • Action plan to achieve goals
  • Commitment to and from you to work toward those goals
  • Holding you accountable

In the case of creating the blog, coaching comes into play when it is time to create the content for that blog; first by getting a clear understanding of what you want the blog to do for you. You may not even know this yourself when you first begin.

However, unlike consulting where the consultant is the expert, in a coaching situation it is the client – YOU – who is the expert. The coach is trained to help you find the answers you need by asking the right questions. Your coach will not advise you, or tell you what to do. However, the coach will help you to gain clarity on what it is you want to do, prioritize what needs to be done first to get there, identify what skills or changes need to be made, create a strategic plan, help you locate resources, and to deal with seemingly unrelated things which might be getting in your way.

Coaching is YOUR Journey

It is important that you communicate with your coach on how best to help you. Your coach may give you "fieldwork" assignments. It is completely up to you to agree to the assignment, decline the assignment, or agree to it with modifications.

Coaching is not a counseling or therapy service. It is a client focused support service designed to accelerate your progress toward your goals. Each client is responsible for taking the steps needed to create their ultimate results. The coach is there to guide, support, and to assist you by encouraging you to find more effective ways to approach what you do and how you do it in order to get the results that you want. Your coach will help you to focus on your strengths and to get around barriers that are impeding your progress.

Coaching Cognition

Coaching and consulting services for your personal and professional needs.

Your one stop support center, Coaching Cognition offers the help you need to get into action in order to reach your full potential – in life and in business.

Coaching services are offered in a variety of specialty areas. Coach training is also available if you want to add coaching skills to your existing business for your personal development or as an avenue of income.